DUO KW  -  Clara Kastler  /  Hubert Woringer - A two pianos’ recital

During the past five years, the duo KW have travelled throughout Central America, South America, Canada, South East Asia and India, towing their two pianos behind them in a specially fitted road trailer. In this way, the duo KW covered Mexico, through towns and villages, into the most out-of-the-way provinces of the country, giving the outlying populations access to this musical culture.

This approach, which is unique in the world of classical music, is at once perfectly original and spontaneous: it illustrates the very numerous facets of the resolute character of this charming couple.

Today, whether in France or abroad, the couple continue, more often than not, to travel and perform, with their own Steinway “B” pianos, thus providing the public with the advantage of great instrumental quality; this also relieves concert organisers of a constraint that at times can seem extremely daunting.

The duo KW has been encouraged in their endeavour by personalities from the world of music and culture. François-René Duchâble wrote of them : “their great musical sensitivity flourishes in complete freedom thanks to the most solid of techniques and a very acute sense of phrasing and construction... moreover, their approach as wandering pianists, carrying with them their own pianos as they travel, enables them to bring their music into places which are completely off the beaten track... I can but support this action with immense enthusiasm and hope they reach an ever increasingly numerous public”.

In their series of concerts interpreted on two pianos, the artists address the audience informally so as to facilitate communication and provide a more permeable musical reception. The recital is hence intended to create a synergy between the audience and the players and the avowed aim of the duo KW is to reach out beyond the formal, secular context of the classical piano recital itself so as to explore new ground and spread the art of music, at times drawing attention to new or little known but often very dynamic compositions.

Duo Kastler-Woringer aux Nuits d'O de Montpellier Duo Kastler-Woringer - Indiasia Tour

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