The Kastler Woringer Duo have been working with the Porte Paroles production company since 2002, whose presence on the Classical music scene is now commonplace here in the South of France since its creation in 1993.
Porte Paroles, whose promotion of the KW duo as classical musicians who take their concert experience to more diverse venues than most for a broader listening audience, have in their complicity succeeded to attract a broader listening audience.
The pioneering pair never sets off without their Steinways Grands in tow, roadies need not apply!

Everything has already been played since pianists have existed and have been thinking for more than three hundred years... [1]
However, the repertoire for two pianos is not the most well-known, though it harbours masterpieces and offers an
unexpected insight into the art of the duet recital : that of a colourful dialogue between two artists. A few chosen anecdotes are given by the KW Duo during the performance to better partition the emotions expressed within the musical interpretation.

[1]as a reference to Caractères, Jean de La Bruyère (1645-1696), Paris, 1688, chap. I "Des Ouvrages de l'Esprit" ("Of the Works of the Spirit") : "Tout est dit, et l'on vient
trop tard depuis plus de sept mille ans qu'il y a des hommes et qui pensent" ("Everything has already been said, and we come too late : mankind has existed, and has been thinking for more than seven thousand years".)

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